R. Aaron Miller, Esq.    

Protecting Rights ... Defending Liberty!


R. Aaron Miller is a voice for people who

have been injured through no fault of their 

own, who suffer from a disability, or who have been

charged with a criminal offense.  Mr. Miller been 

trying cases to judges and juries since 1989 and is 

not afraid to take on an insurance giant or the 

government in order to protect your rights.

     R. Aaron Miller has been successful in obtaining

favorable verdicts and settlements for his clients in

civil lawsuits and acquittals in criminal matters.

     Miller Law Office is a voice for the people.


Auto Accidents    Trucking Accidents     Motorcycle Accidents     

Dog Bites Injuries     Brain Injuries     Spinal Cord Injuries     Work Injuries

Wrongful Death    Insurance Disputes     Social Security Disability  

Bankruptcy     Divorce/Dissolution/Custody     Criminal Law Matters   

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